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7 Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Beginners

7 Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Beginners

Expert Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Beginners

Have you ever dreamed of remodeling your bathroom? You could try changing the color of your walls. Or you could also fix the toilet. DNT Custom can make it happen, regardless of your circumstances. Contact us at 815-501-8262 if you want to find the best restroom remodelers near you and get a free estimate today!

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Tips For Beginners When Remodeling A Washroom

Bathroom renovations can be nerve-wracking. Consider lighting, storage, and countertop material when designing a space for daily use.

But don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. We’ve made a list of ideas to help you with your toilet remodeling project.

1. Think About Your Bathroom Storage Needs

When planning your new shower room, think about where to put things. People bathe and clean themselves in small bathrooms with not much storage space. You may want more bathroom storage if you like to keep towels and other things out of sight but still easy to get to.

Put cabinets or shelves above the toilet or the shower for extra storage. You can also hang frames over the toilet or sink as long as they are the same height as the seat.

2. Choose The Right Faucet And Showerhead

Fixtures are the second thing to consider when planning a bathroom remodel. After all, you want your bathroom to look both functional and pleasant. Choosing the right faucet and showerhead for your space is part of this.

A wall-mounted faucet or a pedestal sink in a small washroom can help save space. Think about what kind of showerhead you want and how much the cost of remodeling a bathroom will be. For example, a rain showerhead can make it feel like you’re standing under a waterfall. A hand-held showerhead is great for cleaning the tub or getting clean after a workout.

3. Consider The Lighting In Your Washroom

Lighting is another essential part of remodeling a bathroom. You want to ensure your space has enough light, but you don’t want it to be too bright. One way to do this is to put in dimmer switches, which let you change the light level to suit your needs. You could also use recessed or pendant lighting instead of lights that hang from the ceiling.

Ventilation In Your Restroom
Ventilation In Your Restroom

4. Don't Forget About Ventilation

Ventilation is vital in any restroom, especially in one with a shower or tub. Mold and mildew can grow in damp places, harming your health. To keep your bathroom well-ventilated while you shower, put in an exhaust fan or open a window.

5. Choose The Right Flooring

Also necessary is the type of floor you choose for your bathroom. You want to ensure that your chosen material can handle moisture and won’t slip. This will also help you figure out how much it is to remodel a bathroom. Tile is often used as bathroom flooring because it meets both requirements. Think about vinyl or laminate flooring, which looks good and doesn’t get wet.

6. Don't Forget About The Ceiling

When remodeling a shower room, people often forget about the ceiling. But it is a significant part of the room. After all, it’s what keeps the shower from dripping on you! So, think about the ceiling as you plan your toilet remodeling project. You could install a drop ceiling or use mold-resistant paint to help keep your space dry.

7. Hire A Professional

Hiring a pro is one of the best tips for remodeling a bathroom. Suppose you’ve never done any home improvement or remodeling before. In that case, it’s best to hire a professional to help you with the job. They’ll be able to give you advice and ideas and ensure everything goes as planned. Look at their bathroom remodeling pictures and see how good they are. They have done this many times before and know exactly what needs to be done. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

How to hire a professional for your bathroom remodeling project:

References For Bathroom Remodeling
References For Bathroom Remodeling

Get References

Suppose you want to hire someone to remodel your restroom. Ask for references from people who have worked with that person. You’ll know what they do and if they’re good at it. Find out how this company works from nearby hardware stores or contractors.

Check Their License And Insurance

Make sure a contractor has a license and insurance before you hire them. This way, if something goes wrong with the project, this person will be able to pay for the damage they caused.

Get A Detailed Estimate

Get a detailed quote for your washroom remodeling project from a professional. So, you will know what the project is and how much it will cost. Contractors will often give you a low quote to get the job, but they will charge you a lot more when it’s done.

It can be a big job to remodel a washroom, but it doesn’t have to be. Using these tips, you can ensure that your space looks great and works well. Hire a pro to help you with the project when you are ready to start. With their help, you can make your bathroom the space of your dreams.

We hope this article was helpful and showed you what to expect from a bathroom remodel. It can be scary to think about remodeling your bathroom for the first time. Still, after reading this article, you should feel more confident that you can do it on your own. Don’t do that. Contact DNT Custom at 815-501-8262 to learn more about restroom remodeling options. Set up your free estimate right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Removing Bathroom Fixtures:

  1. Install the New Shower or Tub. 
  2. Lay the New Flooring. 
  3. Hang Drywall and Start Painting. 
  4. Install Cabinets and Vanity. 
  5. Update Lighting. 
  6. Hook Up the Plumbing.

Yes, the answer is yes! According to the National Association of Realtors, despite how complex and elaborate bathroom remodels can become (and a few projects will require the services of a licensed professional), nearly half of bathroom renovators chose to DIY their projects in 2019.

Standard bathtubs, such as alcove and corner bathtubs, should always be installed first, followed by the wallboard, subfloor, and vinyl.

Bathroom installers agree: if you want a high-quality finish with a better seal against water damage, always tile the floor first.

If you are unsure whether your bathroom’s drywall has such a membrane, you must install one before installing your shower surround over drywall.

Step 1: Remove any fixtures.
Step 2: Replace the plumbing fixtures.
Step 3: To lay the floor tiles.
Step 4: Install new drywall and paint.
Step 5: Put in new cabinets and vanities.
Step 6: Check that the plumbing has been reinstalled.

While it is possible to install a new linoleum or ceramic tile floor without removing the toilet, it is not recommended and may increase the amount of labor required.

Sweeten general contractors say the construction period will average two to three weeks. Overall, expect the renovation to take between six weeks to three months from planning to wrapping up loose ends.

DIY bathroom remodeling can be a rewarding but difficult experience. To successfully complete your project, you will need to plan ahead of time and have some DIY experience. You must decide on a design, contractors, fixtures, tile, and other details.

Every four to five years, a bathroom should be remodeled. Colors go out of style between the ages of four and five, accessories begin to malfunction, and you grow tired of the appearance of your bathroom.