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Updating Your Bathroom

What Are The Costs For A Bathroom Update

Find Out More About The Costs Of A Bathroom Update

Updating your bathroom is the best way to increase the value of your home. You can make it more comfortable and elegant. Hiring a good contractor should be your top priority. At DNT Custom, we always provide high-quality work at a reasonable price. Contact us at (815) 501-8262 to learn more about our services and get a free quote today!

Our team will work with you to make a bathroom that meets your needs and fits your budget. Visit our gallery page to get a better view of our work. Read our FAQs and reviews page for more details.

9 Factors That Affect Bathroom Update Costs

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in a house. After a long day at work, we go there to unwind, relax, and clean up.

Because of this, our bathrooms must match our tastes and ways of life. If you want to make changes to it, think about the following:

1. Size

The size is one of the most important things that affects how much it will cost to fix it up. For example, if you have a big bathroom, you will need more tools and people to finish the job. 

One important thing to think about is how big it is. It determines how much material will be needed to finish the project. A bigger one needs more tile and other building materials. This makes remodeling more expensive as a whole. 

How long it takes to finish remodeling also depends on its size. Bathrooms that are more significant take longer to complete. They tend to be harder to understand than smaller ones.

2. Location

The location of your home affects how much it will cost to fix your bathroom. If you live in a place that floods or has bad weather often. You might then have to pay more for flood insurance than someone who lives in a safer area. 

If you built your house on a shaky piece of land that doesn’t drain well. Then your foundation will only hold up over time. This could lead to expensive repairs down the road, so it should be considered when making a budget for renovations.

3. Age

The age of your home and the job size can significantly affect how much it costs to update your bathroom. If your house is old and each room is smaller than it used to be, it might be easier to add space by taking over the room next door instead of adding a new wing. Most newer homes have more freedom and unique materials and fixtures that can save money in the long run.

4. Design

Some people like simple and accessible bathroom designs for their eyes and wallets. Others like designs that are complicated and have a lot of unique details. If you are in this group, the total cost of your project will be higher than average.

The contractors take more time to finish complicated designs like tile mosaics or stone work. But if you like things simple, you can expect project costs to be lower. These projects require less work than mosaics or stonework, which have many small parts.

Bathroom Update and Design
Bathroom Update and Design

5. Type

How much you spend will depend on what kind of renovation you want to do. The most common types of bathrooms are as follows:

  • Bathroom With Tub/Shower Only

If your bathroom is small, this is likely the best choice. But if you want to make it bigger or better, you can add a shower and move the sink. You can also make it bigger by putting a bathtub and shower together.

  • Half Bath

A half bath is usually next to a full bath in an office or hall bathroom area. It is an extra toilet. People who want to spend less money on remodeling often choose this room. But they still need extra space for guests or family members who wish to stay the night. Most of the time, this cost is small.

  • Full Bath

These are the most common types of bathrooms, and you can use one as your main bathroom or add it to another. A master suite is often considered an en suite that leads into the bedroom. Having a full bath is also common, so guests can use it more easily when staying for a long time.

6. Plumbing

Many people think fixtures and fittings dictate the bathroom renovation cost. This is only sometimes true, though. The plumbing can make a big difference in how much the renovation costs. If the pipes are still in good shape, you can use them again. But if the lines are old or broken, they have to be replaced, which can make the cost go up a lot.

The remodeling cost will also depend on how your restroom is set up. If the bathroom is getting bigger, there will need to be more pipes to connect it to the main water line. This means that plumbing will significantly affect how much your remodeling will cost. Make sure to plan for this when you do your remodel.

7. Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your restroom can greatly affect how it looks and how much it costs. Ceramic tile costs more to put in, but if you take care of it, it can last for many years. Other choices, like linoleum or vinyl, might be cheaper initially, but they will need to be replaced more often.

Consider both the initial and long-term costs of a new bathroom floor. You may save money in the long run if you are willing to spend money on better materials. But if you have a little money, many options will still look great and last a long time. Lastly, the best restroom flooring is one that fits both your style and your budget.

8. Fixtures

Fixtures are expensive, so if you are remodeling your bathroom, you want to put in fixtures that use less energy. Many online stores sell good fixtures at reasonable prices.

These are the most common kinds of fixtures:

  • Lighting

When remodeling bathrooms, most people must remember to add good lighting. A new light fixture can improve your bathroom and help you find things when it’s dark. New fixtures can be expensive, but if you’re redoing the whole room, it might be worth it. It’s a good idea to spend money on good lighting.

  • Vanity

A vanity is a sink and countertop unit. Usually, bathroom vanities are made of wood or stone. Still, they can also be made of metal, ceramic, glass, or even plastic. The cost of your vanity will depend on the material you choose. Most materials are more expensive than wood, and stone can be costly.

  • Sinks

The type of sink you choose can significantly affect how much the update will cost. For example, if you have a pedestal sink, it can be hard to change the countertop and still have room for your vanity mirror. A vessel sink is another choice that can cost more than a standard pedestal sink.

  • Bathroom Cabinets

You can get cabinets with or without counters or sinks. When you plan your renovation project, you should think about both of these options.

Pick cabinets or vanities without tops or sinks. You’ll have to buy countertops from a different company or online store. This will cost you more because it will need to be set up. Also, you paid shipping costs for each cabinet piece separately.

The process will go faster if you choose vanities or cabinets with tops. They will put all your pieces together and be ready to go as soon as you open the box. But because you are buying everything at once, the price will be higher.

  • Shower

One of the best ways to improve a bathroom is to install a shower that uses less energy. How quickly you use hot water in the shower can vary depending on how you shower. If you have an old tub-shower combo, you should get a new one.

Today’s showers have more features than ever, like built-in seats and more than one showerhead, to make your daily life as comfortable and fun as possible.

  • Toilet

A bathroom cannot be complete without a toilet. Depending on your chosen features and materials, getting a new one can be pricey. If you want a fancy one, you should consider how much a high-end toilet will cost.

You can buy a basic toilet even if you have a small budget. Before making your choice, you should consider how much the bathroom will cost you over its lifetime. This includes the initial sale price and ongoing costs for upkeep and repairs.

9. Labor

A big part of the cost of remodeling a bathroom is the cost of labor. You’ll need to hire contractors who do this kind of work all the time and can get everything done quickly, well, and within your budget. Costs can go up if you hire a general contractor to manage the project because of their overhead and profit margin.

DNT Custom's Bathroom Remodeling At Work
DNT Custom's Bathroom Remodeling At Work

So, if you are planning a bathroom update, you should think about everything that will affect the cost. You’ll be able to do it right and stay within your budget. Good thing DNT Custom is here to help you make your dream bathroom without breaking the bank.

We are experts at bathroom remodeling and other house improvement services. Our team is dedicated to making beautiful spaces that fit the style and needs of each client. No matter what your dreams for your home may be, we can help make them a reality. Dial (815) 501-8262 for a free quote, and let us make your home cozy and up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Start by painting the walls. A new coat of paint will make your bathroom appear clean and new.
2- Add beadboard or wainscoting to the walls.
3- Refinish vanity cabinets.
4- Replace the bath fan.
5- Clean and refinish old hardware.
6- Switch to reusable containers.

The worst bathroom remodeling mistakes you can make are:
1: Before using the shower, you must get wet.
2: Poor or insufficient vanity lighting.
3: Failures to Plan Adequate Storage.
4: No hand shower.
5: Buying cheap plumbing online or from a big-box store.
6: Ignoring towel bars and hooks when space planning.

Bathroom remodeling takes more work because you have to take out the old fixtures and put in tile and plumbing. Labor and expenses account for 60%–70% of bathroom remodel costs, with the finished product accounting for 30%–40%.