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Patio Perfection: Ideas For Designing An Inviting Patio For Entertaining

Top Ideas For Designing An Inviting Patio To Entertain Everyone

Your patio at home can be the perfect place for small social gatherings or even for killing time. Adding a few designs to your patio would not hurt but is crucial to your home’s value. Whether planning a new or existing patio, DNT Custom is your go-to company for patio designing. Call us at (815) 501-8262 and get your free estimate today!

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20 Ideas For Designing An Inviting Patio

Families in many parts of the country spend most of their time outside. They’re where kids hang out and watch TV, where dinner is made and eaten, friends get together, and parties are held.

When planning your patio or deck, there are many things to think about. How will you use it? What do you want it to look like? Is it meant to be a place to relax or to meet people? How much time do you need to make it look nice?

Here are 20 ideas for designing an inviting patio to entertain all your guests:

1. Meet The Nature

A modern look for our patio can be boring, especially when nothing is going on. If you want to keep away from the basics, you can always use a bit of an element. Let your modern, chic style meet nature. This will give your patio a natural and homey feeling, even if it connects to the outside. Extend it with a minimalist railing or add a bold striped table to level its appearance.

2. Terracotta Tiles

According to Nickey Kehoe, a pool is a clear focal point in creating a beautiful backyard. You can use deep aqua tiles, combining them with a lush canopy of trees. If this scenario is played out at your home with terracotta patio tiles, you will learn the importance of furniture contrast.  A good balance with furniture will make it more attractive without overdoing it.

3. All White Patios

This is for the minimalist. It is also for people who love the basics or want something clean. Design your patio with all-white surfaces. It makes your area cooler when the sun’s heat is too much to handle. You will benefit from it most during the warmer months. If you have flowers on your patio, they will pop out more due to the white surfaces. 

4. Multi-Purpose Patio

Preparing for parties or small social gatherings, get your patio ready. You can install a sound system, lighting, and extra seating. You will see how it can be useful for outdoor dinner parties. When choosing your decorations, pick colors that suit your patio’s look. Do not miss out on the exterior walls, as they take up most of your patio. Make sure the colors blend well so it will be pleasing to look at.

For people who love to spend their time outside, making their patio versatile would be better. When building your patio, ensure enough space for large seating. Once we host parties, we all want a space where people can gather in one place. It can be your place for a quiet catnap, too. It is much better if the sunlight hits the space, which adds a new element to your patio’s look.

5. Colorful Textiles

Choosing your textile is an important aspect to focus on. You need to know what matches your style and how you want your patio to look. You can always go for vibrant colors and some mismatched cushions. For your bandanas and linen curtains, go minimal to not overdo the designs. Balance the colors you will use so your furniture will not overpower each other.

close look on a patio
Multi-Purpose Patio

6. Hanging Hammock

Let your patio be peaceful and quiet. If you love being outside without the noise, hang a hammock on your patio. This will give you a restful backyard experience you never thought you needed. Place an essential oil diffuser on the cedar deck to create more spa vibes for your patio. If you plan to build a wooden patio, this would be perfect. Do not worry if you don’t have a floating home. You can still hang your hammock in any part of your home that is calm and relaxing. 

7. Blooming Flowers And Hanging Plants

Take it to the next level by creating a dreamy patio garden. Add accent lighting and plenty of bougainvilleas to make it more alive. Place a huge rug in the center and style it with chocolate brown cushions to further warm your patio. This will help you tone down all the bright colors that pop out in the daytime.

8. Sports Friendly

Make your patio game day ready anytime. Upgrade it by placing a pool table that you can use for parties or small social events. Let there be more fun interactions you will keep with your family and friends. Make it a good space for sports that people can join. This will create a more inviting space for guests.

9. Romantic Bench

A private little loveseat you can find below the shade of trees is too hard to resist. Set a romantic place for couples on your patio. Set the mood by placing a romantic bench under the tree. For extra romantic vibes, match it with red and white fabric. The flowers climbing up to the front yard of your home will make the scenario perfect. It is more than what you can imagine.

10. Custom Fire Pit

Place a custom fire pit to add a cozy and warm feeling to your patio. This is where you and your friends can hang out and talk about life. This will help you set the mood. If you have gatherings at night, this will be useful and fun to have.

11. Bistro Nook

You can always create a cozy atmosphere if your patio is on the small side. A place where you can sip your cup of coffee and read books. Round tables are ideal for this setting. Include a built-in bench and a few stools to add a sense of style to your patio.

12. Going Vintage

Who knows what an old-fashioned fountain in the corner can do? Its finishing touches put an idyllic patio together. It creates a warmer tone with some blue furniture to finish its touches and minimize the bland color of brick. 

13. Add A Pop Of Color Through Pillows

Add some colorful throw pillows to it to brighten up your patio. Coordinate it with the flowers and pendant lights hanging in the area. Swapping out your pillows will save you more money. The process is easy and is an effective way to upgrade your patio according to the season.

14. Versatile Patio Tables

Buy two square tables and make your patio good for couples or a group of friends. Pushing them together will cause more people to gather in one place. This is a versatile idea you can try. You can always adjust it to your liking or whatever the event calls for. 

15. Sofa Swings

Dramatic sofa swings will make your patio look cozy and expensive. It is a relaxing and comfortable area to hang out. It will attract more attention because of its appearance, and people will go near it. People love coming back to places where something is interesting. Use swing sofas to add stylish and efficient furniture to your patio. Measure the scales and proportions and make sure it fits the area. If you have a huge space, this will be a good idea.

minimal designed patio outside of a house
Vintage Look Idea For Designing An Inviting Patio

16. Create An Outdoor Bar

We love parties. Whether it is day or night, you can go for a drink. Build an outdoor bar for your patio to make it more interesting. Choose designs that will catch the attention of many people. Pick noticeable tile designs and add some string lights in the area. For a romantic or summer vibe, go for this idea. If you have the budget, go for an outdoor kitchen. 

17. Poolside Longue

If you have a pool at home, separate it from the sitting area. Make a tiny barrier that separates where people talk from where you can swim. You can use tile paths and grass to add more accents to your patio. 

18. Shady Trees

Outdoor living areas should be comfortable and homey. Six plane trees create a structure for your dining room through their straight trunks and canopies that spread. They provide shade during the daytime. You can hang string lights at night with them. This will give your place a more quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

19. Mediterranean Patio

A common trend today is a Mediterranean look for your home. Climbing vines and exposing beams make an enchanting setting for your space. You can always look on the internet for more inspiration. Remember to add your style.

20. Breakfast Spot

People say that you should never skip breakfast. What makes breakfast better when you can eat it on a nice patio? Under the oak trees, there are round tables with wicker chairs all around them. If you eat breakfast on your patio every morning, you’ll never have to leave the house again.

Lastly, sticking to your patio design plan is the most important thing you can do. If the room already has nice colors and furniture, these little extras will only make it look better. So start thinking about your outdoor living space, and keep in mind that nice patios make good neighbors.

DNT Custom can help you with remodeling your patio. Make a breakthrough and say goodbye to the old style of your patio. We bring form and function together in every design we create. Create a more inviting and entertaining space for you and your loved ones in the comfort of your home. See the different services we offer and our previous works to better understand how we value our work. Call us at (815) 501-8262 and get a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most dependable outdoor patio flooring options is composite decking. It’s long-lasting, easy to clean, weather-resistant, and environmentally friendly.


Warm colors. For a good reason, earthy tones such as brown, golden yellow, taupe, and olive green are popular right now. Warm, neutral tones make any space feel more inviting and serve as an excellent backdrop for busier statement pieces.


A sand and cement joint is often considered the best way of pointing in on patios, particularly on Sandstone Paving and, in some cases, Slate.


It is not required to use cement when laying a patio, but it is highly recommended. Because you won’t have to mix or create the concrete, learning how to lay a patio without cement may be easier than learning how to lay a patio with cement. A sand sub-base is the best alternative to cement.


A patio of many individual paving stones can be laid with concrete, brick, natural stones, and other materials.


However, it is estimated that well-designed patios not only add 8-10% to the value of a home but also earn an ROI of more than 80%. Most homeowners would be better off refinishing or repairing an existing patio. This can provide a nearly 500% ROI.