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Revamp Your Space: Creative Ideas For A Stunning Bathroom Remodel

Getting A Creative Stunning Bathroom Remodel

It only takes a little creativity to achieve the dream home you want. But bathroom remodel contractors can help you best. Working with limited dimensions means you need to be careful in working with the positions of your fixtures and fittings. Good thing DNT Custom is your expert kitchen and bathroom designer. We do not bring aesthetics alone to your house, but form and function too. It is important to utilize every space available in your home. This makes every penny you spend worth it. Bathroom remodeling is now more convenient and fun with the help of DNT Custom. Get a free estimate on our services. You can also reach out to us via call at (815) 501-8262. Contact us today, and let us work hand in hand as we revamp an unused space in your home. Check our gallery to see our sample works. 

15 Different And Creative Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodel

An unused space in your house can be something useful. Homeowners want every part of their house to be functional. Whether you have a small or huge space that you do not use, you can create something out of it. Building every corner of our house reflects our personal style. That includes your restroom. We all want a bathroom where we can be comfortable at all times. 

Finding the comfort we need with improper fixtures and amenities would be difficult. Your restroom does not only need to be beautiful. It should be functional in all ways too. This is possible through careful planning and finding the right contractor for you. You can choose your design and have it all. Here are some creative ideas you can do as you create your new bathroom at home: Take bathroom remodel inspiration from different sources available online.

1. Working With Tiny Bathrooms

If you work with a tiny restroom, a corner sink and wall cistern are the way to go. This will help you save more space. You do not always have to fit a shower tray. Any wet room works great, even in tight areas. You can use light tones for the color schemes to open up the room. Adding a few bright accessories will keep your theme in mind for your bathroom. 

2. The Right Amount Of Lighting

We all need some good lighting. The right amount of lighting can do more good for our bathrooms. Plenty of lights will make the room look and feel bigger. You can mirror the whole wall if you want to add more illusion. You can get the best results by choosing a wall opposite to your natural light source. Using dark shades will make your room feel smaller. Make sure to choose colors that will not compromise the size of your restroom and make it look tinier.

3. Medium Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you have more space available to work on, start experimenting with your fixtures. Using a glass splash screen will give your restroom a modern touch. Another benefit of this is that it can make your bathroom look bigger. 

Monochrome color works best in medium-sized bathrooms. Try to do contrast if you have a white restroom. You can opt for black floor tiles. This will give your place a sleek and elegant feel. You might have bathroom remodel tile ideas but do not forget to consult an expert.

Bathroom Renovation

4. Large Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Large restrooms can provide lots of space to work on. It allows homeowners to work on the ideal restroom designs they want. They can build the bathroom design they want. With a large-spaced bathroom, you can place your bathtub in the center. It gives your place the ultimate relaxation spot you need. You can play with it by putting indoor plants outside and some floating shelves. 

If there is remaining space, fill it with chairs or baskets to avoid negative space. To add accent to the floor, you can place floor mats. For walls, you can hang some pictures. Bathroom floor remodel might be new to you, but you won’t regret it.

5. The 5x7 Bathroom Remodeling

The sizes of standard bathtubs are about 5 feet long or 60 inches. You will usually find them in 5×7 bathrooms. You may place your bathtub at the end of the room to use up your available space. Make sure to attach them between the two walls surrounding the corner. 

6. The 5x8 Bathroom Remodeling

You do not have to worry if you have a small space to work on. DNT Custom got you for that. Usually, if you are working on a small space, it includes the bathtub’s positioning. The bathtubs are usually placed in a parallel position to the toilet. You can add overhead storage to maximize the vertical space free in your restroom. Small bath remodel ideas will never run out in our team. 

7. A Boho Style Bathroom

Your dream Boho-chic bathroom style does not need to be expensive. You can use some textured accessories and organic materials to achieve that boho style you like. You can use feathers, straw, and even woven baskets. To bring your theme to life. 

8. Country Style Bathroom Ideas

A country-style bathroom is close to what farmhouses look like. You can see decked floors and some wooden wall paneling. Make sure to stick with earth-toned colors. If your wood has too much exposure, remember to protect it by using a waterproof sealer. 

9. A Contemporary Bathroom Model

A contemporary restroom model design is about here and now. To achieve this style, you must ensure clean lines in your bathroom. Make sure to include open spaces on your list if you are going for this style. Take this on a minimal approach and by using monochrome tones. A high-quality freestanding tub will look best and can be your stunning centerpiece. 

10. Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Remodeling your bathroom with a farmhouse theme is an exciting concept to try. You will need to experiment a lot with the elements you will use. There should be a display of distressed paint on furniture items. Try to showcase this through your vanity. Include wall paneling and a freestanding claw-foot bathtub on your list if possible. 

If your house already has exposed beams, achieving the farmhouse style will be easier. This will ensure the vibe that you are going for that suits your home.

small bathroom with glass doors and a bathtub
Bathroom Remodel Design

11. A Rustic Bathroom Remodel

This style will work great for houses with an old country vibe. They usually have rugged natural materials existing at home, like wood and stone. As the homeowner, you can try incorporating oil-rubber bronze. Other options are antique brass or hammered copper.

12. Traditional Bathroom Remodel

A traditional restroom style usually includes furniture-style vanity units. You must find claw-foot bathtubs and some opulent light fixtures to follow the theme. The best example of this is a chandelier. Decorative wallpapers are also a good option and can work well. Make sure to place them in the right positions. You can try placing them contrasting the comfy chair or your dressing table inside.

13. Vintage Bathroom Model Ideas

To pull off a vintage design, you will need a selection of antiques and other historical items to pull off a vintage design. This will create a warmer and more nostalgic feel for your restroom. To add more designs, hang old paintings on your wall.  This will bring life into your bathroom.

14. Victorian Bathroom Remodel

Victorian bathroom models would scream extravagance and excess. It gives an elegant feel to your home by looking at it. This should include luxurious materials such as marble and an ornate rug. Include some gold touches for your Victorian bathroom. Make sure they are visible in almost every corner to achieve your desired feelings. Large mirrors will complete the vibe of your ideal bathroom. You can use some floral prints to complete the look.

15. ½ Bathroom Model Ideas

The ½ bathroom model is more popular as the ‘powder room.’ It usually contains a toilet and a sink. ½ bathrooms cannot usually fit a bathtub or shower. But, do not hesitate to put a large countertop. If there is enough space available, make sure to include a countertop. Putting the surface along the wall will work well. It can provide plenty of room to place plants and other bathroom accessories. You can also have enough storage for your toiletries.

Your options are limitless. Working with a small or big space is never a problem with DNT Custom. Our long years of service in the industry gave us enough experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Speak to us about what you have in mind. You and our team will be working together to achieve the bathroom design you want. If you are curious about our services, you can call us at (815) 501-8262. We offer free estimates, so make sure to check it out. You might be thinking that bathroom remodeling takes a lot of work. But DNT Custom can make the work easier for you. Hire our team and witness the expertise and care we deliver with our services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The walls should be painted.  
  • Install Beadboard or Wainscoting.
  • Paint Vanity Cabinets.
  • Replace Your Showerhead, Faucet, and Hardware.
  • Replace Light Fixtures.
  • Clean and Paint Old Hardware.
  • Switch to Reusable Containers.
  • Bring in some new scents.  
  • Change out your linens.  
  • Replace your shower curtain.  
  • Add some storage.
  • Replace your bath mats/rugs.  
  • Bring in some greenery.  
  • Display some artwork.
  • Install a towel rack. 
  • Use vertical space to free up space in your bathroom cabinets or linen closet.  
  • Improve the Medicine Cabinet’s Storage.
  • Separate Bathroom Storage Items.
  • Hang Basket Shelves.  
  • Create a Cleaning Supply Cabinet.  
  • For tools, use adhesive hooks.  
  • Hang a Bathroom Organizer.
  • Install Magnetic Strips. 
  • Consider Your Color Scheme Carefully.  
  • Consider Your Vanity.
  • Choose marble (or quartz) countertops.  
  • Select Fixtures in a Classic Style and Finish.
  • Use neutral-colored tiles. 
  • Include layered lighting.  
  • Introduce reflective surfaces. 
  • Include mirrors.  
  • Set up a glass shower enclosure.