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3 Things You Can Do To Upgrade Your Kitchen

3 Things You Can Do To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Upgrade Your Kitchen Space With DNT Custom

Here at DNT Custom, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ kitchens. No matter what you need, we can help. If you want to redesign your kitchen, our company can help you with everything you need. We aim to provide you not only with beautiful products but also with a pleasant experience. Call us at (815) 501-8262 so we can provide you with kitchen upgrade ideas, or visit our page for a free estimate!

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen can be a very daunting task. There are so many things you need to consider. What type of kitchen is it? Will I have to rip out my walls? What about countertops, flooring, and kitchen cabinet upgrade? Here is a guide to three simple ways to upgrade your kitchen without making any drastic changes.

1. Replace Your Old Appliances With Newer, More Efficient Models

It is a good idea to replace old appliances in your kitchen with new ones if the old ones break down. You can save money in the long run. If you get new ones, it will give the kitchen a nice new look. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of replacing your old kitchen appliances.

  • Energy Efficiency

You can save money on your electricity bills by getting better appliances. You can use a lot less and waste less energy to save money in the long run. It also helps the environment because we’re not making as much carbon dioxide.

  • Improved Look & Feel

Putting in new appliances is a great way to update the look of your kitchen. Old appliances might look dated, but new ones come in cool colors and styles. You don’t have to live with an ugly kitchen. You can change the whole look of your kitchen by getting a newer model. You can choose new colors that go with the rest of your home’s decor.

  • Advancements In Technology

Replacing old appliances with newer models can have a lot of benefits. Additionally, newer models are designed to work better with different types of food. In short, these features make cooking easier and faster than ever before!

When people buy used appliances, they save money but have to use them for a long time. We’re trying to make it easier for people to buy new appliances when they don’t have to spend as much money.

Install A Kitchen Island
Install A Kitchen Island

2. Install A Kitchen Island For Extra Counter And Storage Space

Are you dreaming of a larger kitchen? Do you want to make the most of the space you have? One easy solution is to install a kitchen island. A kitchen island can give you more room to work and store things. It can also make your kitchen look bigger and cozier. Let’s look at some of the benefits of installing a kitchen island.

  • Increased Counter Space And Storage Options

One of the best reasons to put in a kitchen island is that it gives you more space to work and store things. This extra space can be used for prepping food, eating meals, or simply as an additional work surface. Some islands have cabinets or drawers that can be used to store pots, pans, spices, and other cooking tools. This will help keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

  • Creates More Room For Entertaining

A kitchen island can make it easier for you to entertain guests in your home. An island allows people to sit and talk while someone else is cooking. This can make hosting parties more fun and relaxing. It also gives people somewhere to set their drinks or plates while eating in the kitchen.

  • Aesthetically Appealing

Having an island in your kitchen adds style to your kitchen. It can make the colors or materials stand out in the kitchen. With the right island, you can feel like you are in your own home. People will want to hang out in your home if you have the right island.

Installing a kitchen island is a great way to improve your kitchen without spending much money. The island will give you more counter space and storage options and make your kitchen look nicer. People will be impressed when they see your new kitchen island!

3. Install A New Backsplash

Are you ready to give your kitchen an instant facelift? A new backsplash is a perfect way to update your space and make it look fresh and modern. Installing a new backsplash can be difficult; have the right supplies and take your time. Let’s dive into how to a backsplash in three easy steps.

  • Choose Your Materials

The first step is deciding which materials are best for your backsplash. There are many choices, from traditional mosaic tiles to more modern ones made of glass or metal. You can also opt for natural materials like wood or stone if you want something that stands out. Your choice will depend on the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, so be sure to choose wisely!

  • Prepare The Surface

Before you start, you will need to clean and repair the surface where your backsplash will go. This might mean removing old tiles or wallpaper. If you have all the right tools, it should be quick.

  • Install The Backsplash

Now comes the fun part—installing your new backsplash! There are many ways to tile your floor. You can use adhesive, nails, or screws. You can hire a professional if you don’t want to do it yourself. Just make sure you have enough money to pay for it.

Using some tools and supplies, you can upgrade your kitchen with a new backsplash. You will need to plan and prepare before you start the project. You can choose from many different materials, like tile, wood, glass, or metal. So go ahead and start your clever kitchen storage ideas—you’re sure to find something that looks great in no time!

Upgrade Your Kitchen
Upgrade Your Kitchen

To Upgrade Your Kitchen, Choose The Right Kitchen Remodeler

Choosing the right kitchen remodeler can be a daunting task. There are many companies and contractors to choose from. It is important to do your research before you make a decision. Here are some key tips on how to choose the best kitchen remodeler for your project:

  • Get Recommendations

Ask your friends, family, or co-workers for referrals of remodelers who have done a good job in the past. You can also look at online reviews to understand which others have the most highly rated remodelers.

  • Look For Experience

Kitchen remodeling is complex work that requires an experienced professional. Find out how long the contractor has been in business. Ask for references from previous clients. Ask them about similar projects they have worked on and any awards they have won.

  • Compare Estimates

Ask for estimates that include the cost of materials, the cost of labor, and how long the project will take. This will give you a better idea of the total cost and allow you to make an informed decision.

If you want to remodel your kitchen, it is important to do your research first. This will help you find the right contractor for the project and stay within the budget. A well-done kitchen can improve the function and look of your home and is a good investment.

Why Choose DNT Custom?

Everyone deserves a beautiful home that they will love for years to come. We help homeowners fix or improve their homes. We design the jobs, and we make sure they’re done well. Our customers are the main motivator behind everything we do here at DNT Custom.

We Offer Services Such As:

  • Bathroom Remodeling

If you want to be creative with how you design your home but need it to be helpful, we have some tips and tricks for you.

  • Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the most-used room in the house, so you want it to be a space you enjoy spending time in. We’ve got all the kitchen-to-remodel inspiration you could ever need.

  • Custom Patio Designs

Patios need to be fixed from time to time. DNT Custom can repair any damage to your patio or deck. This includes fixing bricks, concrete, stones, tiles, and other structural issues.

  • Pergola Installation

People are putting pergolas in their backyards because they want a nice place to relax in the summer when it is hot outside.

We respect your needs, goals, and desired timeline with every remodeling project. We don’t make you wait long or pay a lot of money. We care about quality, service, and integrity.

If you want a high-quality and customized kitchen upgrade, it’s time to call us. DNT Custom has a lot of experience with remodeling and upgrading homes. We can do any design project you need. If your kitchen is outdated and needs an upgrade, we can help. Contact us at (815) 501-8262 or visit our page for a free estimate!

DNT Custom Offers The Services As Follows:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Choose new cabinets for your home renovation. 
  • Concentrate on new flooring. 
  • Open up space by adding a kitchen island. 
  • Purchase new luxe appliances. 
  • Consider open shelving. 
  • Embrace contrast by pairing honed Granite countertops with white oak cabinets. 

Tear-out and demolition are the first steps in any kitchen remodel. Before you can start creating a beautiful new space, you must first demolish and discard what is outdated or worn out. This is the time to remove anything you don’t want to keep, such as walls, cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, and so on. 


  • Colorful cabinetry
  • Ingenuity
  • Black accents and appliances
  • Multiple islands
  • Patterned floors
  • Disappearing upper cabinets
  • Linear lighting in kitchens that don’t look like kitchens.


Green is the must-have color trend that everyone is talking about for 2022, and it’s set to be especially popular in kitchens. 


  • Cabinet refinishing and refacing. 
  • Update your kitchen countertops
  • Install a modern tile backsplash 
  • Purchase new kitchen appliances
  • New kitchen sink and faucet


  • Changing the Backsplash
  • Change the light fixtures
  • Replace the hardware
  • Add a rug
  • Install under-cabinet lighting
  • Update the decor


  • Overestimation of the cost
  • After cabinetry, choose appliances
  • Installing cabinets before installing floors
  • Choosing the incorrect flooring. 
  • Leaving out the kitchen triangle
  • Incorrectly wired kitchen outlets
  • Trying to find online deals on important items